Where Fashion Meets Ethics by Greta Eagan

I’m honored to share with you my dear heart-to-heart with Greta Eagan, founder editor and model of ethical fashion blog ‘Fashion me Green”, author on ethical fashion book “Wear no Evil” , makes it her life mission to inspire to mindful consumption of ethical fashion.

Learn how she overcame her biggest struggles, how she recharges from modern day burnout, how she hopes her book can make the world a better place, and more.

We first met in Tokyo for lunch at Brown Rice Cafe and immediately clicked. Not only are we both (ex) models, but we share the same passions on green living, mindfulness and natural beauty... Greta did what a lot of people dream of, and published a book and made her passion her life. She is not only inspiring, but all so knowledgable on all things ethical without compromising to the little luxuries in life.

“Each day I’m balancing enjoying the here and now, and looking to the future with wide eyes full of joyful expectation of what’s to come.” photo by    @cole.mgkra    / Jakson Hole , Greta’s home place

“Each day I’m balancing enjoying the here and now, and looking to the future with wide eyes full of joyful expectation of what’s to come.” photo by @cole.mgkra / Jakson Hole , Greta’s home place

So Greta, what about the fashion industry still tugs at your heartstrings today?

The sheer amount of stuff produced and often discarded (thinking of fast fashion here) is really hard on me. I feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff we make and consume that is unnecessary. I think that’s why slow fashion and the minimalist lifestyle really appeal to me.

What sparked the birth of your book “Wear no Evil”?

Wear No Evil came out of my research and work around my dissertation in business school. Originally, I submitted my dissertation to an academic publishing company to have it published in their journal. They wrote back and said they wanted to make it a text book. I was so honored and also terrified! I decided I would put my knowledge into a book, and one for the masses with a mainstream publisher.

Have you got any tips for avoiding toxic materials when shopping for fashion.

Not much has been shared around clothing being toxic, but it is more common than you think and can have a major impact your health. I’ve known women who broke out in rashes from neon colored bras, and seen scientific studies published on how potentially cancerous synthetic fabrics are. So, if you want to take your clean living up a notch use these tips when shopping for clothing.

  1. Look for natural fibers. Better yet, look for things made with organic natural fibers to avoid any pesticide residue. Examples include: organic cotton, hemp, linen, wool, tencel, pineapple bark fabric!

  2. Try to buy items that are pure and not dyed, or that use a low-impact dye.

What we focus on creates our reality and experience, and loving yourself first enriches all other relationships.

How do you start decluttering and shaping your wardrobe up for Spring?

I am ALL about rotating my closet. I do it seasonally and love bringing my spring pieces back into the mix. I share a whole chapter in my book Wear No Evil on closet cleansing and organizing, so check that out if you want full deets.

One tip I’ll share here is: When you switch over your closet take all the pieces you didn’t really wear from the past season and put them in their own box or storage bin. This will be your MAYBE pile. If in a year when you go to rotate them back in you didn’t miss them or feel inspired to wear them again, it is time to rotate them out of your closet and free up some space.

What was your biggest struggle in brining your book to life and how did you overcome it?

When I was writing my book proposal with my agent, I thought the process was never going to end. We must have worked on it for over a year! I almost gave up, and right when I was ready to call it quits, she told me it was ready to submit to publishers. We sold it in the first round to one of our top ten publishers and I was so happy.

What is one purposeful pleasure you pamper yourself with?

I try to get facials regularly. One a month or every other month. It does wonders for my skin and is good TLC for me.

I know you love to visit Japan. What are your favourite places in Tokyo that are align with your likes and beliefs?

When I am in Tokyo, I always swing by Pass the Baton to check out their second hand curated collection of goods. On my last trip I discovered some amazing places to eat including: City Shop in Aoyama (for salads!), Cleansing Cafe in Diakan-yama for homemade soups and juices, and Nagi Shokudo in Shibuya (which was my favorite meal of my trip!) for lovingly cooked vegan food. I also always stop into Three in Omotesando to stock up on non-toxic makeup with the prettiest colors.

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