5 Grounding Techniques to Connect with Yourself & Feel Good

Since I started sharing my passion for the natural and wellbeing on my blogs I have come a long way. Life happened, friends came and left and I managed to find my way in this adventure. Having had to go through a healing process after a steep divorce I discovered many ways to heal & to protect myself that I was unaware of. 

I feel it’s my time to lend a helping hand and to share some of my grounding techniques that help to connect with yourself and feel good that worked for me.

There a lot of people who are looking for ways to feel better, happier without being in a state of so much distress to seek professional help and even then you might not find the answers you are looking for. Many times we need to reconnect to who we really are by taking time alone. That can be through self awareness and a caring community, a retreat, traveling…

I’m not expert by far, but I like to share what worked for me. The more I make these things a habit the more they become who I am. The better I feel which leads to a better lifestyle in general, starting with my closest family members to feeling and spreading good vibes in general.

Did you know that it takes 21 days to change our habits?

5 grounding techniques to feel good

1 – Live in the now – be consciously aware : present perfect. Use the reiki & ayurvedic practice of living in the present moment. Forget what has happened before. Don’t think of what might be after. Living in the present moment increases your level of happiness & the quality of performance, without stress.


2 – Create spiritual moments that become your rituals – these grounding moments are healing for your soul, relaxing for your mind. Most cultures have some sort of smudging ritual. Its burning logs in the fire, smoking out hatched roofs, lighting various incense, frankincense and myrrh, or binding herbs together as a smudge to burn them more easily. In some cases the ritual is closely linked to the anti-bacterial properties that smoke has. It gets rid of unwanted insects and bacteria in our homes essential to our health. The ritual itself is more ceremonial. A moment to release tension, say a prayer, a thought, be in silence, concentration, a meditative state of mind. It is believed that our prayers reach the clouds, the sky, the Gods easier when transported with a cloud of smoke.


Do some journaling –let it out – out of your brain – use the gratitude journal for things that make you feel good, because sometimes we forget them. Write down your dreams, the more you practice remembering them, the less hard it will be to recall what your subconscious messaged you about. Write down your angry thoughts. What you write is your own private matter.

Meditate – practicing meditation frequently, even if it’s for short sessions has proven to alleviate stress, improve concentration and get better test results for students. That is because it has grounding properties, oxygenates the brain, improves eye sight, puts things into perspective. Use the app “Insight Timer” for guidance.


3- Exercise – Have you heard that when your body moves your mind grooves? It’s true! actively oxygenate your brain. Get things moving inside and out. Feel alive! You’re doing something healthy that will pay off in the long run! I like my gym in Tokyo, the Club 360, yoga at Deus by Yuki Matsuii and if I can’t make it out of the house the app called “Asana Rebel” is pretty amazing together with Lauren Roxburgh’s youtube classes!


4- Grow your own food – it’s is the most underrated feel good hobby. Once you try it you feel it. How much better can it get than caring for your own food from seed to crop, while being in total control of what goes into it, from the organic soul, organic fertilizer (or your worm cafe like we have at home), avoiding cancer creeping pesticides.

It’s also a great educational tool if you have kids. They might even eat more veggies when they grow it on their own!

Similar to the moment when you make your own food from scratch rather than buying ready made or processed food you have no idea what the producer put into. It might take more time, but again, it’ll pay off in the long run and give you a sense of pride and independence. Be the master of your health.


5-  surround urself with good vibes: declutter your home , minimize stuff around you, get rid of toxins in the home, cut back on social activities to the core for a while. The same goes for friends. You become who you hang out with. Maybe it’s good to reconsider some ‘old’ habits and push reboot. A good way to clear the air and get good things flowing is through a room diffuser and essential oils. Get yourself a bunch of organic oils that envelop you.

Oils that work for me – peppermint, rosemary, orange, palo santo – oxygenate brain, feel fresh, light, clear thoughts. When it comes to decluttering – you might want to join the Mega Swap (check it on facebook) and read up on Sarah Furuya’s take on this topic.


Ok I did say 5 points but there is a sexy 6. Don’t forget to have sex! Good sex (only) balances hormones & releases happy thoughts. Get your V-magic sorted, eat oysters, dark chocolate, wear those nice undies rather then keep them for ‘overly special’ occasions, take time with your partner, be present perfect and forget the dishes for the night.

Feel how your conscious choices empower you, and remember you choose your habits and the habits become you.
— xx Abi