Aromatherapy for Stress Relief

We all feel stress at some point and in some areas of our body which doesn’t have to become our norm. Since I use and believe in the power of scent I wanted to get to the bottom of this. How can scent be used successfully to help us? Odors and fragrances are powerful sensory messengers that, acting both on our body and our psychological state, are able to better withstand daily stress.

I asked my friend and naturopath Guy Roulier about this who shares his advice here with us.

Olfactory aromatherapy is the branch of phyto-aromatherapy, which refers to the art of acting on emotions and body balance.Thanks to judiciously selected perfumed fragrances, we can easily use this natural technique ourself to eliminate nervous tension, release our “functional” blockages related to stress and fatigue. The recommended natural aromas can come from aromatic plants that are grown in your home (orange, mandarin, geranium, real lavender, lemon verbena, lemon balm) in dry form (flowers, fruits, barks, resins …) or in extracts obtained by distillation or expression (zest) or in the form of authentic perfumes.

The immediate effects of aromas on our body can be explained by the direct effect of aromatic scents on our emotional brain (limbic brain).

Simply breathing in a pleasant smell with which you are in harmony instantly gives you a feeling of relaxation and overall well-being.

What are the anti-stress components of essential oils?

Each essential oil, essence or balm, is composed of a multitude of different and complementary aromatic molecules, as well in their smell as in their properties. This distinctive, unique and unique scented combination determines the effects on your vital balance and organic functions, depending on your biological terrain and olfactory memory (lived experiences that are remembered with moments of pleasure or unpleasure).

I invite you to practice this technique to make you feel good and live 100% of your potential. An imperative condition to respect: do not use aggressive essential oils and abstain if you are allergic. Choose the right essential oil for your needs to relax or tone your sympathetic system.

What’s the best way to use essential oil for stress-relief?

  • A simple inhalation directly in the bottle to de-stress you, calm or tone your nervous system, fight against fatigue, improve your performance and quality of life, without any risk of overdose.

  • Dry inhalation: open your bottle, breathe slowly and deeply.

  • In punctuate anointing (dry perfume, eau de parfum, HE pure oils) on the fold of the wrist, behind the ears (mint, lavender).

  • In massage: aromatic oil (on the plexus points, along the spine).

Which essential oil should we choose?

Rely on your sense of smell to choose the one that best suits your current state, for example: 

HE pure peppermint, rosemary or ginger are stimulating tonics to start the day.

HE pure lavender or lavandin super, tangerine, orange or “petigrain bigarade” are best to take at night.