Naturally Beautiful in 5 Minutes

We all have our ways, our products, and think we’ve got it all sorted on the beauty shelf. When that moment arises, it’s usually time to rethink and refresh. There is nothing more boring than stagnation and repetition.

I’m right there right now. With not much time on my hands, like most of us Mums, things need to be simple, efficient and go fast. I like products with double or triple effects. A cream that hydrates while covering up? A blush that is also a gloss as well as a lip balm?

I have asked my friend and professional make up artist Veronica Connor to tell us about her venture into the world of beauty and fill us in to her recommendations. She is a beautiful woman, inside and out, with a long history in the beauty sector. Her recommendations are honest and easy to follow. She is very much aware of women’s needs and lack of time too.

I’m honored to have her on board of Abi’s Journal as the beauty editor, bringing us closer to everyday toxic free solutions and hosting workshops (check our event page for dates).

Veronica, tell us how a bit about yourself.

I first got fascinated about make up by my grandmother. She always looked so groomed and never left the house without her lipstick on!

My Mom also always inspired me, she was  in the beauty business. She owned a hair salon.

I loved hanging out there. It was a place for women to enjoy time for themselves and share their stories, finally leaving looking great but more importantly feeling better than they arrived.

I studied make-up in Buenos Aires for 2 years. Coming back to Quito I worked mainly in the Television business where I became the head make-up artist for the two major TV stations back home. Besides that I’ve done make up for magazines, brides, celebrities and models. 

After 13 years of professional experience I took a break in my career to look after my two beautiful boys. Now that they are teenagers , I’m ready to come back to my passion. This time around with a new philosophy! Being inspirited by Abi and Abi’s Journal I want to re-launch my career only using natural organic products.


What do you watch out for when choosing skin care, if it’s beauty or make- up?

My skin is dry and sensitive so I need creams that are moisturizing and don’t contain harsh ingredients.

For foundation I like one has light reflectors and is nourishing for my skin as well. I’m in love with RMS as it is sheer but has enough coverage and contains great  healing ingredients.

What are your essential care products you can’t live without?

 I always use a cream for dry and sensitive skin that I can use day and night. A couple of time a week I do a bit of self-care and use a hydrating facial mask. I religiously clean and moisturize my skin every night with a gentle cream cleanser and damp cotton. I only wash my face with water twice a week, following my Mom’s example as she also has dry skin and this has worked amazing for her!

For a natural look, for busy ladies, what are the steps to follow?

  • The most important step if you pressed with time is to take care of your skin. You can mix foundation and moisturizer for a quick sheer cover to even your skin tone or use the uncover-up from RMS.

  • Then apply a creamy concealer where needed, one shade lighter than your foundation under the eyes if you have dark circles.

  • Take a couple of minutes to fill your eye brows if needed, as groomed brows makes you look instantly put together.

  • To open up your eyes curl your eye lashes and apply a coat of black mascara.

  • Apply a pop of color on the apple of your cheeks and lips. Here too I like to use multi functional products.

You can achieve this in five minutes.