CLAYD made by Kae Hada

When something catches my eye, it rarely leaves my mind. I’m driven by curiosity. This is what happened with this clay bath envelopes from CLAYD featuring breathtaking pictures of the views in a desert in Southern California.

CLAYD, is a clay based beauty line for detoxing self care moments. The magnetic power of that clay absorbs the accumulated metals in our bodies. Origniating from an energy spot and healing place.

Did you know that we are exposed to more ‘+ ion’ electrons than before from all the machines surrounding us? We have less chances to be in direct contact with the ground because of the shoes, the tar, the time past in cities rather than in nature. It creates an imbalance that can cause depression among other things. This is another reason to start gardening and go on day trips into the countryside. Things we need for our Mind, Body & Soul. Soak in the ground or in the bath with CLAYD.

How the clay works:

The clay contains lot of essential minerals and three main minerals are silicon, calcium and magnesium. These minerals help for cell growth and tissue repair. Entering the pores, absorbing all heavy metals and extracting them into the clay, making it a powerful natural detox therapy. Imagine detoxing while soaking in your bath? Only after 20′ you can see the bath water darkening due to the metals the clay absorbed.

It is amazing how we can heal and do a bit of self-care with the purest materials available. Using this clay has many beneficiary effects. Here are just a few of them:

-its warming, enhancing circulation, helping the body to detoxify

-its a natural pain relief to soar muscles, twisted ankles, back pain…

-it reduces swelling caused by water retention

-it helps weight loss

-it’s whitening and cooling, great for sunburns

-it cures eczema and atopy 

-gum trouble

I’m honored to share with you here my heart to heart with girl boss/founder of CLAYD, Kae Hada.

Hada-san, you now live in Tokyo after seven years in NYC where you studied raw food and macrobiotics. Where you grew up?

I grew up in Shizuoka, Japan.

You learnt about the benefits of clay as skincare because you suffered from allergies while growing up and created CLAYD when you were looking for a way to help the children who suffered the same allergies as you did. Did you always have allergies? 

Yes, when I was little I had asthma, then after 20years old I had skin problem all the time. Asthma and skin problem set is typical allergies pattern!!

Were natural organics in food and care always part of your life? 

It started maybe right after I was born, I only drank breast milk. My mother always cried with me!! 🙂   I didn’t drink the processing milk or cow milk. Even now I don’t like cow milk. haha.

My aunt was a nurse and knows about natural medicines and wild herbs and yoga very well.

She taught me lots of things since I was little. She taught me that there are so many disease because of taking too many medicines from the hospital. 

I didn’t take chemical medicine for more than 40years. (I am 48 now.)

So my immune system is very strong.

(preparing a body mask in CLAYD recycable-refillable jar / a clay bath moment)

I understand you reached out to clay after the nuclear power plant after its explosion in Fukushima on 3.11. to help the children in the affected areas. You tested clays from all over the world. This one was the best because it showed that it absorbed the toxins the most? 

Yes, It absorb toxins most.

Its particle is really small, 2 micron. So it can go into the pores and stick the dirt and heavy metals and take them out with osmotic action.

Also Clay cures the wounded cell. Yamagata University released the thesis last year that clay cures the skin cell. Clay bonds the peptide.(peptide -> amino acid – > protein) 

Also mineral balance of this clay is amazing. It is perfect to fix the skin, bones, blood vessel.

This clay even give your skin moisture, while other clay make your skin dry after use.

So if you use this clay, you can see your skin smooth, troubles(acne, atopic eczema, sunburn, cut, scar, baby diaper eczema, etc) are cured, pores get small and skin surface will be smooth. 

Clay absorb negative charged body electric (from cell phone or electric products.). the body electric is  balanced, it is same as earthing.


Did you visit the desert the clay is sourced? How is it? What startled you?

When I lived in California I went there. That place is the most impressed place in my life.

No building since ancient time, only water shaved the land and made huge valley and mountain and vast flat land. I could see and feel what and how is “the billion years” at a glance.

Native american kept protecting that special place for long long time because it is sacred and powerful magnetic place.

Can you tell us how do you treat yourself after a busy day? How do you unwind?

I of course take a CLAYD bath. (it works tiredness really well! ).

Are there any places you go to feel good, regenerate in Tokyo, Japan or elsewhere?

People always expect that I might go to park or listen to healing music, but actually I go to the rock live music bar in Roppongi to heal myself every weekend. I am bad!!

Musician’s pure and powerful energy and strong music itself make me feel good. 

It might be homeopathic action as “same cures same”. I might still have strong urge to go forward or passion to make it happen. I still can not be calm and adult.

How do you incorprorate sustainability into your life if its food, places you go, clothes you buy? any recommendations to people who aim to become more conscious consumers?

Shopping is election, I think. buying the products means supporting it. I would like to buy from people who try to make this world better and healthier. They tend to be small businesses. I would like to buy from them.

For example,  Aoyama Farmer’s Market, Natura Mart in Hiroo, Natural House, Mie project, for foods.

SkinAware (Organic cotton room wear) for clothes, Beauty Library in Aoyama for cosmetics, etc.


To use CLAYD for a profound detox, mix the sachet of clay with water and rest over night. Drink the water (or everything) first thing when you wake up.