my homemade lemonade recipe

my homemade lemonade recipe

6 years ago

Just because I have a lemon tree and don’t use any chemicals on my yellow beauties….this is my home made zesty lemonade recipe for you. My anti-aging inner beauty trick.

 Lemonade Recipe:

  • take 5 organic lemons (because you need some rind and don’t want any chemicals on there)
  • warm up in microwave – it will allow you to get out all the juice
  • press out juice and peel some rind (1 & 1/2 lemons)
  • in a pan, heat up water (preferably bottled water), 1 cup of water, mix with 1 cup of sugar – till melted
  • mix in lemon juice and rind with sugar water
  • pour in a jug 1.5l  and top up with water to your liking
  • drink in tumbler with ice and a mint leave  : ) it’s refreshing!

Lemon are a great for Vitamin C boost, to detox, to promote appetite . . . want to know more  – click here!


Abigail Terrien

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