Grow Your Own

Grow Your Own

10 months ago

Why grow your own? Even though, these are small events in life, it will trigger a change in mind & life.

You may focus much more on what you eat, what to choose something like that.

Start growing your own food will improve your quality of life.

One of the most wonderful thing is to experience “texture” by growing your own veggies.

Once you get started you will easily find a deeper connection to growing your own food, through the soil and vegetables. The touch & feel factor that connects emotions will become part in your daily life.

When you harvest vegetables, the sense of self-satisfaction is so incredible, it becomes addictive. Everything tastes better when you grow your on your own. It is also safer in terms of toxic transparency. You are in charge from seed to harvest.

It will refine your taste.

Another reason is the practicality of it. You can eat fresh vegetables every day. Just step outside and get what you need. It can’t get any fresher than that. It is nutritionally a winner !

We like to reduce waste where eve we can. Growing your own is a huge cut back on the carbon footprint and the plastic as well as food waste the world is faceing.

How to begin?

Microgreens or Lettuce mix would be nice to begin with. They grow faster need less space to grow.

Materials to prepare

・Planter or box (5cm hight is enough)






Steps to follow

・Filling the box with soil

・Sowing (broadcast sowing)& Covering the seeds slightly

・Covering on top with something like paper towels to keep moist until they germinate.

・Water much but gently once a day.

・You will enjoy harvesting several stages from microgreens to baby greens.


Points to Consider

・Need some sun light. (At least several hours a day)

・temperature (15℃〜20℃ is best condition for them)





Yusei Miyahara

IS a vegetable-gardener and a commercial farmer living in Kagoshima, on the island of Kyushu in SouthernJapan. Yusei launched his brand “Soilsquare Veggies” in 2016. “Our simple,stylish,and permanent way of veggie-gardening brings about an authentic and sustainable “grow your own”experience in a forgotten place of your backyard, terrace or anywhere.”

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