Golden Week in Chengdu

Golden Week in Chengdu

3 years ago

Holidays are for relaxing and for visiting family, but they are also for pushing boundaries and discovering new places. This Golden Week I took my kids to Chengdu. The 7th biggest city in China, with 11million habitants!! It’s on the rise for tourism. The reason I picked it was because of those amazing airplane magazines. I noticed the beautiful old town of Chengdu and yes yes yes I looove Sichuan food so it has been on my ‘discovery list’ for a while.

With a direct flight from Narita, we landed in this metropole. The Grand Hyatt just opened this February and has amazing facilities. I fell in love with their interior decoration in the tea room and this fabulous orange varnished table. The air was quite polluted I admit, to wander the streets and the ‘new-old town’ just a short walk away from our hotel. We took the back streets, past spicy looking street noodle bars with the lowest chairs I’ve seen. A fun local experience before discovering the beauty of old and new China in Fangsuo. With a temple set in the middle, it’s a luxurious, indoor and outdoor shopping mall. Small traditional team houses (if you order one tea you get one chair free) where the older generation gather to spend time together, talk, sip team and eat nuts or seeds. Very impressive was the underground bookstore….

Just a one hour drive up to the hillside we headed to the Qing Cheng Mountain range, a UNESCO world heritage. The centre of Taoism, Ying Yang and the inspiration of Kung Fu Panda (lol). Staying in my favourite eco resort the Six Senses the best you can do there is take in all the green landscape around you and forget about the rest of the world for a bit. Anyway, you don’t have much choice because of the strict firewall, disabling access to social media and gmail (didn’t know that).

Winding down, going for bike rides, visiting neighboring villages, visiting a rehabilitation centre for giant Pandas, tasting local Sichuan cuisine in the ‘Mao’ restaurant, and the unforgettable hike up the Qing Cheng Mountain which I still feel in my thighs. 1000 steps all together, it was an easy but challenging walk up into the forests, past a lake , through a bamboo forest, past various temples to reach the tippity top, the original temple of Taoism and the gobsmacking view onto the beginning of the Himalayan mountain range (one of our next destinations I hope). Breathtaking, interesting, relaxing. Here some of my pics to bring this magical place closer to you.


in Chengdu

in Quin Cheng region

Mao Tse Tung local restaurant

beautiful ecolgocial Six Senses hotel resort for slowlife greenliving

observing the playful Pandas at a Panda rehabilitation centre

the Quin Cheng mountain range connects with the Himalayan mountain range

feeling the powerful vibrations of these green mountains.

This beautiful ancient temple is our reward after a mountain hike of a 1000 steps

where Taoism originated. What immense gratitude fills me being able to visit this place with my kids.

A place to meditate, say a prayer, feel the vastness of the world, the crisp air, the burning incense. You must go!

in Jiezi Ancient Town

too excited to pose


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