going Zero Waste – one drink at a time

going Zero Waste – one drink at a time

8 months ago


I bet you have heard of people going zero waste?! It means, reducing waste in our daily life such as, bringing your own shopping bags to use rather than using the plastic ones at the shops, buying vegetables in bulk rather than purchasing pre-packed produce, refilling containers rather than throwing them away to purchase new ones.

Some of these things are hard to apply in Tokyo, where packaging is a statement, a service and bulk shops are not so reputed yet.

However, there are a few steps you can apply to initiate this movement such as:

  • Bring your own shopping
  • Refuse plastic wrapping of food and bags
  • Buy bulk when every possible

Why? Because plastic is simply one of the most polluting products on earth. It is not only not bio degradable, it also causes devastation when washed out into the rivers and oceans, and it is found in fish we eat. 60% of the current plastic waste in the oceans come from only five countries in Asia that use a lot of plastic in their daily life (China, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand) making up to 8 tons of plastic dumped into the ocean a year!

For this simple reason, I try to offer products in my shop which are not wrapped in unnecessary packaging, which are recycable or refillable for your health and sustainability. A useful selection for urban conscious consumers.

Replacing every day and even such small things as plastic straws has an enourmous impact on the environmental issues of waste. After I watched the 30′ documentary on the life and impact of plastic straws I wanted to share it here with you.

STRAWS documentary film official trailer from By the Brook Productions on Vimeo.

Straws are easily replaced with paper, steel, glass, brass, or bamboo straws. We can go zero waste, one drink at a time.

The bamboo drinking straws in AJ Shop I picked up during my trip to Bali. These are made of 100% sustainable bamboo, which can be rinsed and re-used, biodegradable and lastly, they look far more stylish than the plastic ones.

Supporting small and independent makers and producers is essential for a well balanced economy and this human touch in life we tend to forget in our busy lifes called love and compassion.


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Abigail Terrien

Abigail Terrien, Swiss English born, she calls the world her home. Her experience in fashion and lifestyle inspire her media and event production. With a natural passion for wellbeing, Abi loves to promote the people, products and places that inspire to her friends and community.

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