Getting a grip on work-life balance

Getting a grip on work-life balance

1 year ago

When things pile up, it’s time to step away and breath.

Getting a grip on work-life balance can be hard. But even harder is letting things drift out of control. So, get a pencil and a paper and make your list.

Here are things that work for me:

  1. prepare your day ahead – a plan is better than no plan
  2. always have your stress relief with you – mine is an essential oil blend roller made of (peppermint, orange, grapefruit and rosemary for the day / lavender, frankincense and myrrh for the evenings)
  3. meditate & exercise – feels good and looks good (which also feels good). My favourite app for meditation is called ‘Insight Timer‘ and for fitness it’s ‘Asana Rebel
  4. chose your tribe wisely – if it’s in work or in private, who you spend time with has to be worth it. No sponging off your precious time!
  5. set your working hours – there is a time for everything, for yourself, your family, cooking, offline time, downtime book or movie… Loving my new book on the powers of crystals (Crystal Muse by Heather and Timmi)
  6. make your workspace work for you – create your nook where you can dive into work, spread your papers, listen to music while responding to your mails. What ever works for your, make it happen.
  7. Keep a to do list, and don’t procrastinate! Just do it, one by one, tick off your list later. It’ll feel better than staring at it.
  8. Give yourself enough sleep – sleep meaning quality sleep, no devices in your bedroom, get a nice bedding (check out the ethical bedding maker Floss Flakes – Nordic Sleep. I swear by the comfort and love the eco friendliness, no animal cruelty here)

Never get so busy making a living, that you forget to make a life.



Abigail Taugwalder

Abi's Swiss English born, she calls the world her home. Her experience in fashion and lifestyle inspire her media and event production. With a natural passion for wellbeing, Abi loves to promote the people, products and places that inspire to her friends and community.

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