Top weekend trip around Tokyo – Kobuchizawa

Top weekend trip around Tokyo – Kobuchizawa

7 years ago

Back from a weekend out of town in Kobuchizawa-Yamanashi. It’s close enough to Tokyo, and far enough to slow down lifes pace, enjoy nature and fresh air.

 We stayed at the Risonare hotel which is great with kids. A family hotel offering workshops, easy food, a Japanese bathhouse and an amazing pool with waves (love this most).

Enjoying the fresh air and mountainside

Feel like summer is coming soon.


Enjoying a beautiful sunset during golden hour. They had fun in the workshop and in the” Il Mare” pool, while we relaxed and got some local produce back home to Tokyo.

Pottery at GAO kids activity club

inspired by Japanese pottery, we love to use our home made table ware back home, especially for breakfast. There’s a special feeling, a grounding feeling to eat out of your own made plates.

Breakfast at my friends bakery – Pan no Mise Niji. She uses local natural ingredients only.

This atmosphere reminds me of my home in Switzerland. Feeling like making Grandma’s food.

This is what I made.

Rhubarb – cinnamon compote – Grandma’s recipe:

-cut off ends of rhubarb and take off stringy bits

-cut into slices

-in pan add a bit of water, sugar and a cinnamon stick

-simmer till fruit is tender and water has been absorbed

>>serve with vanilla ice cream – hot or cold for breakfast and dinner.

my little man is enjoying breakfast at home  on our rooftop overlooking Tokyo urban living – rhubarb muesli


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