Detox Mind Body & Soul

Detox Mind Body & Soul

12 months ago

I hit off the year with new years resolutions. Some things that were lingering for a while now. Sometimes you just need that push, that time limit, that tradition to get yourself going. And why not?! Call it cheesy or not. One of my new mantras, after “just do it” is “do what feels good”.

One of the things was to put together a ritual that feels good, detoxifies (while the champs cools down), gives energy and good vibes. Think energy level, body sculpting, wholesome food and moments to share when you just feel right.

Here are some things that work for me, which might work for you too. Simple enough to pick up and use any time, any where and bring wellbeing feelings to you.

Detox Smoothie

We know that we are what we eat. Using food and drinks for health and detox, is a smart way to clear your guts whilst enjoying life. Put blueberries, rice milk, cinnamon on your shopping list, add one pack of VPP, a powerful organic green powder.

coming online soon




Detox Bath

Did you know that clay can be as powerful as to absorb radio activity from your body? Animals bathe in it for many reasons. Here we like to recommend the clay for a body detox of metals whilst chilling in the comfort of your hot tub.

Bath Clay by Clayd, one pc ¥500 – set of 7pcs ¥2,450


Detox Mask

During Winter we are more likely to end up with dry skin, open to absorb all pollutants in the air. This mask is lovely used to calm and soothe skin with detoxifying and anB-inflammatory ingredients. it contains Sea Buckthorn which is the only plant source that includes omaga 3, 6, 7 and 9. It also hydrates, promotes skin elasBcity and skin regeneraBon, as well as prevenBng acne.

Coconut Charcoal Face Mask by Isas RestoraEves ¥6,400

Detox Tea

Sipping on a nice cup of tea, all day long, is exactly what we ought to do this month. Keep your body hydrated while enjoying floral flavours high in anB oxydents, enzymes, anB-inflammatories and vitamins like persimmon leaves, orange peel, cornflower, rose etc.

Three exclusive herbal teas for AJ Shop, ¥1,300



Detox Mind&Soul

In love with these natural perfumed wooden sticks. Palo Santo cleanses the air in the home and around you. It keeps jealous vibes a stray and has a powerful grounding effect on our spirit. Take this moment of mindfulness and make it your meditaBve rouBne. You will feel lighter just after a few days.

Set of 3 sticks ¥1,500




Abigail Taugwalder

Abi's Swiss English born, she calls the world her home. Her experience in fashion and lifestyle inspire her media and event production. With a natural passion for wellbeing, Abi loves to promote the people, products and places that inspire to her friends and community.

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