Clean – Green – Natural Skincare

Clean – Green – Natural Skincare

1 year ago

Clean beauty, green beauty, natural beauty. What’s the actual difference and how can we trust the label the makers stick on the bottles to lead us to purchase.

We truly are living in a world where nothing can be taken granted for and nothing is to be trusted blindly about people or products who only appear to want to belong to a community which is in ‘trend’ now.

When you believe in the natural way, you follow your instinct and learn to make a difference. So it is with everything in life. Is it called maturity? It probably is. Once you hit 40, wait and see, it will all make sense. Quite a wonderful experience actually.

So what labels do we trust and which do we ditch when it comes to skin care and bathroom essentials?

The best is to look at the back of the bottle where the ingredients are listed. If it looks long and unpronounceable, you can probably say that it contains un natural (toxic) ingredients for the purpose of shelf life, stretching the product because of the expense. Making natural skin care is like cooking. The better the ingredients, the healthier the outcome, and yes, the thriftier the cost. It makes sense, which is why I personally like to use products that come from small companies, made by an approachable person, made with few ingredients, and serves multi purposes.

For example, use the same salve for lips, elbows and after-sandal feet for example, and ‘multi task’ your essential oils in multiple ways. It helps keeping the bathroom shelf at a minimal load and keeps the finances in tact.

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

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What it all means:

Organic         There are no standards for the word organic anywher in the world. Many people get confused when reading organic. and trust it blindly. If you can’t talk to the maker it’s hard to tell what is organic. Some ingredients might be marked organic on the label.

Natural          It means nothing unless you can verify it. It implifes taht no chemical and toxins are used. Again, check the label.

Green          It is linked to the ‘green’ movement linked to the european environmental green party. Again, check the label.

Non-toxic         What is non toxic depends on the laws and regulations and not on the ingredients only. Check the label. The simpler, the better.



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