best birthday party for girls

best birthday party for girls

7 years ago

It’s been a while – but good memories remain – check it out – the kids loved it all – and me too.

My Girls Butterfly Birthday Party

Now that my daughter has her very own friends I let her chose the guests to come to her girls birthday party. At five years old they love dressing up, making themselves beautiful and doing all sorts of girly things. Personally I enjoyed the girls party at this point very much. The whole party can be as girly as can be!

There are so many themes to pick for a party it’s fun! This time the party is a ‘Butterfly Party’.

I found beautiful butterfly stationary at Spiral Aoyama. The butterfly mask we got from Tokyo Handsgot in handy for this occasion. I copied it on thick white paper, but an elastic string and chose lots of things to decorate the masks with individually by each guest: feathers, stickers, paint, glitter…


The cake was a classic sponge cake which I cut out to look like a butterfly. My daughter helped me decorate it with lemon icing, 100 1000’s, silver sugar and what ever else we found in our cake drawer.

Over the party table I hang self made butterflies. Old wine cork, Hanami paper and silver wire made beautiful decoration. I even found some butterfly clips in a shop in Paris (Le Monde Sauvage) I used on the lamp.

The girls loved making their own butterfly mask. They made a wonderful job too!
In the corner of the living room I created a tattoo corner. Each guest could chose their favourite butterfly tattoo.


Because I love natural beauty products, I like to share this passion with my girl and her friends so that maybe they get inspired to chose natural products on their own in the future for toxic free self care and ecological reasons.

So I prepared a basket with Aloe Vera oil and Weleda body oil from Natural House and RMK make up glitter and they all made their own body glitter. Perfect for the next summer party.

Elizabeth has been going to lots of birthday parties where they had clowns and always asked me for one too. It was our birthday gift to her this year to have a surprise clown join her party. Gaetano was fantastic and showed real interest in who was there. After some tricks he made balloon flowers for all the girls. Thank you for the fun time!

The birthday snacks were a hit. Kids all like ice cream and with a little toppings (Smarites, sugar glitter, sugar hearts, chocolate pops, mini marshmallows) even the ice cream can be personalized.

The party bag contained a thank you card for coming to the party as well as for bringing a present. It had the mask and the body glitter the girls made at the party. fireworks, bracelets, butterfly stickers and a mirror for admiration.



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