Abi’s journal is about living inspired through things that feel good – ways to connect with the soul, to sooth our mind, to live healthy in our body to ultimately live a happy life. These things that feel good and do good can be physical and spiritual.

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I don’t like to be tagged by a name or a nationality. The world is our home. With two third culture kids and a partner I adore, I took a glimpse of life in many places until I settled in Tokyo for over a decade. With Paris as my platform, I have a background in Public Relations, experience in sales and a passion for event curation. I am most inspired surrounded by grounded people with passion and need nature to recharge my batteries, because all beautiful things are wild and free.


I am always on the lookout of stylish sustainable options to maintain a healthy comfortable lifestyle. Sharing these on Abi’s Journal is my manifesto to the world.

Caring for the beauty of the soul as much as the outer beauty, creates balance and balance creates good vibes. We all deserve to feel positive sensations to live a toxic free life.


It’s through memories that we create a life worth living and the best way to share these moments is with your tribe.

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