“It all started with a baby in my arms”.

Supporting fellow entrepreneurs in the industry and a clear need, Abigail created the first international online kids fashion and lifestyle shop in Tokyo. Introducing a selection of beautiful sustainable goods into the market, she used her creative workshops to share a conscious message.

Inspired, Abigail began to create events: Starting with kids fashion and crafts, growing into adult time and wellbeing. A fashion & lifestyle space where families can enjoy shopping, workshops, an organic cafe and entertainment.

Abi’s Journal originated in finding healing after going through a few bumps in life. A way to vent, keep out of one's mind and connect with likeminded people. Finding people who created stylish sustainable goods and since has transformed into much more. Abi’s Journal is a chance to connect on another level while discovering new products and learning new skills or lifestyle tips.

“It takes a village to raise a child, it takes a tribe to make dreams come true, when sustainability is a lifestyle, the future looks bright.”

About Abi Vision


To inspire conscious consumption.

We see a world where conscious consumption is part of everyday life. Where beauty and sustainability go hand in hand. Wellbeing for mind, body & soul with conscious choices that bring us happiness.

About Abi Mission


Places that inspire, people who create, and products that support a conscious lifestyles.

Our mission is share soulful moments, feel good and get inspired.

  • Soulful sustainable lifestyle journal

  • Share locations and support shop for toxic free, sustainable products.

  • Travel to talk at events and share experiences.

Abigail Taugwalder


Abigail comes from Swiss/British heritage. She grew up in Switzerland and continued her higher education in the South of France before living and working in Paris as a fashion PR. She moved to Japan with her family where her passion for connecting people and discovering their most inspired and inspring ideas flourished.

She was the creative director and writer for ELLE online kids’ store and magazine, and alongside that Abi continued editorial works for various media, and curated events for such clients as Alain Mikli, Tomorrowland, Bonpoint, ELLE and BMW, to name but a few.