A Coffee for a Scrub

A Coffee for a Scrub

1 year ago

How we all have our routine in the mornings. Mine starts with a hot freshly brewed cup of coffee which made me think. Ever ask yourself how this ground coffee could be useful in any additional way?

First I use them on my plants for extra fertilization, or I feed them to my worms in my worm cafe (but this is another story). There is something else I love doing with the drained ground coffee which belongs in the bathroom. A secret kick to get the day going.

I decided to up-cycle my morning brew into a lush, nourishing, exfoliating coffee body scrub. Exfoliating is part of my weekly bathroom routine. It gets rid of dead skin, leaves the skin beautifully smooth, free to breath in oxygen, glow and it also also improves blood circulation through the massage as well as the coffee content.

Like everything for busy ladies and Mums, things have to be as simple as this.


  • 1 cup of used (or fresh) coffee
  • 1 cup of epsom salt
  • 1/2 cup of organic coconut oil
  • a few drops of your favourite organic essential oil. During summer I like to feel fresh. The best oil for this is peppermint which I blend with rosemary and cedarwood essential oils, both carrying anti-cellulite properties. The only oils I use are from Young Living, who certify the quality from the seed to the bottling and own their own farms for best surveillance. You can contact me for oil orders.


Do you know when is the best time to use your freshly made scrub? To get the best out of the scrub, the oils are most potent when fresh out of the bottle, before they evaporate. The skin is our biggest organ, absorbing anything put on it, including scrubs, lotions and oils, within 26 seconds. So unless you like your cafeine kick at bedtime, the best time to use a coffee scrub is in the morning and avoid toxic ingredients by ‘diy’ or purchasing organic products.  Massage it in and let it sit for a whole so that the skin can absorb all the goodies. Another good point is that you won’t need any lotion after which will safe you precious time during morning rush-hour, leaving the perfect glow.

Enjoy your moment of self-care, setting you in the right path for a great day ahead!

Another tip to avoid making too much of a mess in your bathroom, especially if you have a Japanese bathroom where you shower out of the tub. Sit inside the tub (empty tub). It will be much easier, quicker and a great water safer, to wash down the scrub from there.



Abigail Taugwalder

Abi's Swiss English born, she calls the world her home. Her experience in fashion and lifestyle inspire her media and event production. With a natural passion for wellbeing, Abi loves to promote the people, products and places that inspire to her friends and community.

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