8 Steps to Your Everyday Natural Look

8 Steps to Your Everyday Natural Look

3 months ago

Keep it simple. Is our motto. Who has time to spare on elaborate make-up every day? We like to use potent products, non toxic, do I have to say why, essentials that give a beautiful natural look, as if you just ‘woke up like this’!

We broke it down to a few steps, easy and quick, for all of you busy bees:


Veronica Connor

Veronica studied in Buenos Aires for 2 years make up, coming back to Quito she worked mainly in TV, being the head make up artist for the two major TV stations. She has done make up for magazines, brides, parties. A prevailer of natural beauty, Veronica has reconnected with her passion after tending to her family life, hosting workshops and writing for Abi’s Journal.

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