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Start growing your own food will improve your quality of life....


Here’s to a toxic free home and beauty care.

Order your organic essential oils through me or become a member.
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For Tokyo with kids made fun, visit:

We organise regular events throughout the year for a fun family day in the city: pop up shops, workshops, cafe and entertainment #smallismoretokyo


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Meet Our Co-Authors

  • Guy Roulier

    Guy Roulier, practicing practitioner and author of natural health training book and videos, passionate about the defense of nature and health and creator of the site ....

  • Sarah Furuya

    Executive coach, lifecoach and facilitator. Sarah has both creative and corporate and use her background in Human Psychology and Biology, her experience of 12 years of consulting, and working....

  • Yusei Miyahara

    Yusei Miyahara IS a vegetable-gardener and a commercial farmer living in Kagoshima, on the island of Kyushu in SouthernJapan.Yusei launched his brand “Soilsquare Veggies” in 2016.

  • Veronica Connor

    Veronica studied in Buenos Aires for 2 years make up, coming back to Quito she worked mainly in TV, being the head make up artist for the two major TV stations.

  • Jon Walsh

    Green business/sustainability services and advice Garden design, consulting, installation and maintenance Gardening demonstrations, food growing kits Business sustainability consulting.

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