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We know that scent has an immediate effect on us, where as if you drink coffee, it will take 20 minutes to enter our body and really influence our behaviour. But did you know that it only takes 26 seconds for anything applied on our skin to be absorbed into our bloodstream?

What ever we absorb, if its topical, internal or through scent, will effect our brain and mood as it will be absorbed in our system.

The scents enter our body through the mucus membranes. The chemicals of the smell is being absorbed my our bloodstream and effect our nervous system directly, and in different ways depending on the property of the herb, oil, scent.

We tend to forget that our skin is our biggest organ. It protects us from the outside but is transparent. It is therefore essential to be careful what we put on our skin. Think body lotion, heat pads, face masks, make-up, lipstick, perfume….Which is why it’s important to avoid unnecessary chemicals through skincare. We try to keep that moment of self care true to the word. 

Care for the mind body&soul through toxic free products.Abi's Journal

Organic  – There are no standards for the word organic anywhere in the world. Many people get confused when reading organic. and trust it blindly. If you can’t talk to the maker it’s hard to tell what is organic. Some ingredients might be marked organic on the label.

Natural  – It means nothing unless you can verify it. It implies that no chemical and toxins are used. Again, check the label.

Green  – It is linked to the ‘green’ movement linked to the European environmental green party.  Again, check the label.

Non-toxic   – What is non toxic depends on the laws and regulations and not on the ingredients only. Check the label. The simpler, the better.

If you are making your own, or buying your beauty products, read the list of ingredients. These essential compounds of natural skincare are all you really need:

  • Carrier oils
  • Essential oils
  • Bees wax
  • Cacao butter, Shea butter
  • Salt
  • Sugar

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