Tokyo summer party at the hotel Andaz

We celebrated the first of the summer party with our Tokyo friends at the Andaz Hotel Tokyo last night, also saying our farewell to the hotels GMO moving to London where we plan to meet again.

Stunning view of Tokyo city and bay area from the 52nd floor building in Toranomon. A summer buffet of delicacies surrounded by a lush abundant meadow leaving us enchanted for more celebrations to come throughout this summer.

 tokyo summer party

tokyo summer party

tokyo summer party


This hotel may be situated in a quiet area, however it is right in between downtown and uptown with stunning views and most of all, easy to access offices and shops in no time.

If you get the chance to stay here, you must

  1. bring you swimsuit because the pool is AMAZING
  2. book a treatment at the spa because you will experience green beauty first handedly. Everything is made on the spot used to optimize the ready packaged potent and some even organic beauty care.
  3. Take your time for a loooong breakfast. Love the custom made dishes. A reminder that although Tokyo is a metropole, you are visiting Japan. Their Japanese pottery are hand made like and ok, the buffet is tip top. One of the best breakfast buffets I’ve ever experienced.

Feels like home away from home. 




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