Tokyo rooftop summers

Living in the city can be tiring. I’m lucky enough to have a rooftop to enjoy at my office and at home. Rooftop meetings, rooftop lunches, rooftop golden hour with clients, friends and my kids are top of my list during Tokyo blue sky season.

Here are some of my favourite things I do and recommend to you, for the best green slowlife urban living. I hope you enjoy this!


break time on TFC Press office which is also my office terrace overlooking Aoyama (feeling lucky)

a bit of self tanning, sunrays giving me their vitamin B because I love a healthy tan


lunch with my freind Luli and her natural homemade catering called Mama Luli  The best salad catering in Tokyo.


weekend at home with my girl

time to relax – catch up – talk and have a nice home made pasta lunch

*my girl is wearing a hairband from MY Accessories & a dress from Antik Batik

never leaving her charm from MHT


fruit salad topped with brown sugar and cinnamon because I enjoy Japanese fruit for afternoon snacks


sunset and Just Mate on my home rooftop looking towards Mt Fuji, slowing down the pace after a haul of meetings. This is my friends natural energy drink. Natural, organic, made in Japan. It’s fizzy and makes a great base for cocktails, but I love it alcohol free. It’s refreshing enough. Don’t you love the bottle design?



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