Organic Protein Ball “Recipe”

After numerous demands I am sharing my protein ball recipe, which is not really a recipe. You will find out why.

Protein balls are non bake energy balls made of various dried fruit, nuts, spices and some other ingredients that can vary to your liking. I make them for my kids, I make them for my event guests.

Since I didn’t have an oven for a while, which is one of the main ‘tools’ I use in the kitchen (I’m like my Grandmother, I love baking!), I had to be more creative. When I flew to Bondi for New Years in 2016 I found many cafes serving various sizes and tastes of protein balls. I think it’s a fabulous idea to get a treat along with a coffee or a juice after a workout.

The reason I wont give you the exact recipe with a measuring cup is because I never make the same twice. I find it firstly far too boring, secondly I use the things I have in the pantry and improvise.

Basing ingredients list:

  • dried fruit, any you like – fig, plum, mango, apple… the drier the fruit, the more honey or peanut butter you will need
  • nuts, any you like – almond, walnut, cashew, pistachio, hazelnut, peacan…
  • butter – peanut, almond butter or tahini
  • ground cinnamon – because I’m a fan of this spice
  • coconut flakes – optional, it gives a nice little creamy flavour
  • honey – optional, I prefer my energy bars less sweet

Method: Blend all until its sticky enough to form small balls in your palms. I make mine about diam 1-2 cm so they are ‘one bite size’.

For all the ingredients, I use organic products because they are pesticide free, non toxic and really beneficial to your health. Source all the ingredients online from Alishan Organics online store Tengu and get a 15% discount (valid until March 2018) by entering Abisjournal15


Because we love sharing and we like you to access healthy ingredients. Alishan

Some of the health benefits from these ingredients are:

  • high in antioxydants
  • anti inflammatory
  • reduces sugar cravings
  • aids weight loss
  • boosts metabolism
  • increases activity of fat burning cells
  • eases digestion
  • supports immunity functions … 

Protein is required for the support of lean muscle mass, energy levels, immune function, weight control and is the foundation for all enzyme activity needed for basic body maintenance and detoxification. So when you feel like snacking at 3pm, you have all the excuses in the world to grab a protein ball or two.

My kids like them too, at least my daughter does. She brings one with her to school each day for an energy boost when needed.

It’s easy to make. It’s healthy and delicious.




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