Sora Bento – Charcoal Make Up Pouch


Sora Bento – handmade charcoal dye print make-up bag.

Size 15x24cm

100% organic cotton, charcoal dye

Printed in an Australian textile house, Umbrella Prints, which is run by two women.

Easy care – hand or machine wash.

In stock

  • Living in Japan I get many make up pouches at hot springs or in traditional hotels. But they are always made of plastic, which doesnt look nice and unnecessarily pollutes the environment since they are not meant to last.
    I asked my friend Gretchen Miura, who is the founder and designer of the organic bento box bag line, Sora Bento, to make me some lovely pouches, made of sustainable fabric, easy care, and supporting women in business.

    There are two versions:

    The rose water graduation is for skin care and make up. The perfect size for a weekend get away.

    The ladies organic cotton print is great for make up or your hairbrush (I dont like mixing my hairbrush with the other bathroom essentials).

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