Olive Oil Lip Moisturizer


Herbolive in Crete – Greece has developed 100% natural cosmetics are based on organic Olive oil and Herbs. Herbolive line includes a wide selection of natural cosmetics based on olive oil and several herbs with very effective active ingredients.

Herbolive lip balm provides daily care and effective protection. Olive oil based. Helps your lips to maintain their natural softness and smoothness needed to all weather conditions.

Made in Greece

4.5gr pocket size


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  • Protecting our smiles. I picked up this Olive oil based lip balm in Mykonos this summer for my son. Even in harsh sunshine, our lips need protection and care. I found this natural based, locally produced balm very soothing.

    A nourishing sense from the Olive oil base, hydrating with anti oxydent and vitamin properties.


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