Balinese Soap Gift Box – 3pcs


A gift box from the heart of Ubud. Handmade soap, using natural and local ingredients. A bit of Bali for you to give to a friend or to yourself.

Aluminium box size approximately 9x9x5cm

contains 3 individually wrapped 20gr soaps

for all skin types

Be aware that the soaps may very in each box (wrapping colours and soap scents)

In stock

  • Passing by one of my all time favourite stores in Ubud, how could I resist these?!

    They are hand crafted in Bali using local natural ingredients. The box represents the basket offerings given to the Gods daily, to ensure gratitude, protection and good health and fortune. A gesture of mindfulness good to be reminded of.

    I love to use the box for other utilities in the bathroom for storing cotton pads, essential oils or incense I burn. A nice way to up-cycle this gift after use.

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