Brooklyn Candle Studio – Montana Forest


Gold Travel Candles – Montana Forest

Inspired by the fresh green brought up by the winds of Montana’s wind, the nature in a faraway place I made a memorable scent.


It is the original fragrance that blended spruce (Pinaceae), pine, camphor essential oils.

tin with lid 4oz

φ 6.5 cm H 4.5 cm / about 130 g (Containing container)
burning time: 28 hours

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  • Brooklyn’s candle brand “Brooklyn Candle Studio” is a studio in the Brooklyn district as its name suggests, it is a soy wax candle that designers produce handmade one by one.

    From jar styles to label designs, Brooklyn Candle Studio is inspired by vintage packaging, especially in the 19th century vials.
    Besides brand management and candle production, everything from labeling and packing is done manually in the studio.
    Designer TAMARA loves the effect of candle.
    A romantic light and a comfortable incense fill your room, creating the instant relaxing space for us busy, the utility of such a candle.

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