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Have you ever heard of SOF Super Organic Food?

It’s a new thing …

It really is a new thing and I hope it is THE NEW THING that we all will follow, support for it to last to become THE THING.

It’s a group of farmers that promote their product…which is truly organic. Nowadays the laws and legislations are so influenced by co-operations with various funding, even job offers that governments allowed the term organic to become a marketing tool rather than a sign of security for the consumers.

It is allowed to be used in various countries by just using something ridiculous % of organic ingredients. Also there is the threat to have genetically modified seeds (GMO) in the organic food if ever they succeed to change legislations. So truly, organic has sometimes lost its meaning to the regular consumer like us.

We have to know about the various organic labels. The meaning and for that we need information which sometimes is quite hard to find. Strange in a way since we live in a society of open information by the net, that the basic information on nutrition is held from us or too confusing to understand.

Shouldn’t we have nutrition lessons at school – updated versions of them please only (no  you don’t drink milk to gain calcium because you can find it in higher doses in fish containing omega 3 etc and the cows nowadays are pumped with antibiotics that are bad for our kids and our health leading to premature menstrual development and creating an immunity to antibiotics….etc etc.).

Nutrition should be one of the most important subjects taught at schools because it concerns us all. We are what we eat. We stay healthy by eating the right food and the right food should be as clean as possible as are the goods you can buy through Super Organic Food.

It is hard to grow things without pesticides because it depends so much on weather, which has become quite unpredictable and on insects and bees and the goods spoil faster. These farmers who are facing this challenge are ideologists who truly deserve our support and respect. They are the leaders of our health.

I’ve been ordering a box of Super Organic Food veggies and fruit for a few months now. Ever since I discovered this group and learnt about trouble organic labeling faces. It is fun because I realize that there are so many vegetables I don’t know, or I don’t know how to cook. It brings me back to the good old cookbooks. My kids and me we discover new dishes with tasty goods, which are seasonal.

Living in the current season has its advantages on our health and the environment. Think about it, goods that grow during summer and are available during winter must come from either far away leading to pollution via its transport. If it comes from factories which means these things haven’t seen the sunlight or drank up the minerals from the earth…Maybe I’m wrong. I don’t know enough about this yet but I am looking into it and am thrilled with Super Organic Food offering such a great service and information online to order with a simple click.

organic living



Read about Organic Certification on Wikipedia



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