Meet Isa Brito – founder & maker of Isa’s Restoratives

Isa is based in Brooklyn where she makes her own skincare under the name Isa’s Restoratives. Her skin care line is made of herbal beauty elixirs made in small batches, packaged in the apothecary feel bottles. Some of the ingredients are sourced from her very own garden, but the majority are harvested locally from known and trusted sources.

Like me, more and more people want to know not only know all of the ingredients in their beauty and skin care, but where it is grown and how it is harvested. Supporting local businesses and game changers like Isa’s Restoratives, bringing us alternatives to products from big corporations to sustainable, conscious consumption.

(portrait of Isa by Emy Kane)

The first time I went back to New York, after I had been there for work almost twenty years ago (no comment), I knew that I absolutely wanted to meet one person and this person was Isa from Isa’s Restoratives. We ‘met’ online, and it became clear that we shared the same values on natural beauty, organic life, compassion and tolerance. We instantly became friends and me at the Bryant Park (my favourite NYC park for soothing in between the city-run moments).

The reason I found Isa in the first place was because I was looking for new natural skin care brands for my own daughter. When she became a teenager along came her attention to the ‘looks’ and make up. Although she got many cosmetic gifts on occasions, I always managed to ‘hide’ them from her for the same reasons that I don’t use them, because they are toxic. It’s simple but not always that simple to find the right products. Getting her used to the right products was/is fundamental for me.

We resolved all basic life issues without outsourcing.Isa Brito

I admire how Isa manages to keep her natural human kindness and freshness whilst living in the buzzing Brooklyn NY as well as manage her natural skincare brand. She raised her daughter on her own, always giving her the values she stands for.

(The cat that never leaves her side Sunny-Sunny Boom-Boom / IR Liquid Clay)

Something fundamental for someone who cares for nature. The necessity to pass on key values to the future generation, starting with her own flesh and blood.

We have become friends and I admire her in many ways which is why I want to introduce her to you here, through a little interview – talk we had the other day.

How did you start IR? 

It was a  pretty organic beginning. I started making products for my daughter when she started showing interested in creams and make up, and soon lots of the moms and even teachers in her school were interested in them. I started selling in the school yard and soon I decided to make a website because dealing creams in the parking lot was looking weird. Soon after the website launched I got a call from ABC Home and they started carrying Isa’s Restoratives.

What are your principles?  

All Isa’s Restoratives products are made in small batches and delivered as fresh as possible to our costumers and stockists around the world. We support suppliers that operate in similar scale, ensuring fresh ingredients resulting from Fair Trade and organic practices. Our oils are cold pressed and our botanicals come from organic herbal farms.

What inspires you?

The energetics healing powers of plants, how so much more complex and deep their intelligence is.

How do you integrate conscious consumption and sustainability in your everyday life? 

I grew up partially in a self sustained ranch in Brazil, and there we resolved all basics life issues without outsourcing. That was my foundation for leading a natural and minimal waste lifestyle. This way of living comes natural to me. I recycle, I try my best to buy bulk items, I avoid plastic packing, I never bring plastic bags when shopping, in my kitchen I compost, I use my bicycle for transportation as much as possible in Brooklyn, and we decided to not use a box to packager products. We use an beautiful organic black linen pouch that can be re-used.

Any favorite spots in Brooklyn you’d like to share with us?

  • Cafe Paulette
  • Park Slope Food Co-Op
  • Cafe Mogador
  • La Superior (best tacos)
  • Egg
  • Okonomi (favorite Japanese)
  • June
  • Frankie’s Diner

Favorite Podcasts right now, I know they are great for juggling ladies, completing more than one task at a time:

  • On Being (my favorite!)
  • The Daily
  • S Town
  • Dirty John
  • The Moth

Isa’s care for Mind, Body & Soul:

Craving an extra spirit lifting ritual in my self care routine this morning and the beauty of powder masks is that they are very versatile if you want to add to the experience and/or enhance the detoxifying properties of the formula.

Today’s masking adventure: Coconut Charcoal mask, enough green tea to make it runny, Manuka honey to make it thick and creamy, a few drops of the Liquid Gold Serum, and neroli essential oil to make me happy!

It worked and I got fresh nourished and glowing skin too! Home spa baby!!

 When you are not in NY and Brooklyn, where do you like to travel to?

When not in NY, I actually like to travel solo. I prefer staying in B&Bs or Airbnbs to have a more integrated experience. I often plan my travels with hot springs, baths and lakes. I am not a beach person, I prefer fresh water. My travels are often laced with purpose, I enjoy visiting artisans and even talking workshops when available. My next trip will be to a town in the mountains in Peru and I plan to visit a village where I will meet the women that  weave traditional fabrics of their region. Whenever possible I like to connect with local herbalists. Next Spring I plan to go to Oaxaca and visit with the curanderas for a week and learn form them. The luxury in my travels lies on the content and not as much on accommodations. I prefer rugged to frills.:) 

Shop Isa’s Restoratives

I discovered Isa’s Restoratives when I first traveled to NY. A Brooklyn based clean beauty brand, made entirely by Isa herself, using only natural and organic ingredients. Isa, originally from Brazil, does not cut cost in the name of her brand. A safe green beauty brand with the best clay face mask ever experienced. I use it every evening to wash off the pollution accumulated, cleanse the pores, lending my skin a lovely thin layer of protective oil for the night.

Liquid Clay 4oz ¥5,500

(all ingredients are sourced from known and local sources, pesticide free)



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