Hot Apple Tea Recipe

One thing about Winter are all the lovely teas. Here is a quick recipe that works for adults and kids, made with organic ingredients for special guests.

If you cook with spices, it may help prevent disease, viruses, cure troubles like herbal and essential oil healing. It’s medicinal. Ayurvedic.

Clove, reduces inflammation, improves digestion, aphrodisiac, relieve respiratory infections…

Cardamom, it aids digestion and heartburn, aids digestion, enhances appetite, improves immunity, fights depression, promotes oral hygene

Orange peel has natural bleeching properties (I use one drop of essential oil on my toothbrush for whitening), helps weight control, improves heart health, relieves respiratory problems…

Cinnamonanti-inflammatory, anti oxydant, protects brain function, fights infections, protects hental health, freshens breath naturally…

Hot Apple Tea Recipe

250cc apple juice
2-3 clove 
one caradamon ( I put more because I like this taste)
1tsp orange peel (dried and diced)
a bit of cinnamon powder (love this spice)

Mix and warm up in a pan. Simmer for a while, a bit like mulled wine, the longer the better. Add one piece of dried apple towards the end. I put one for each cup because it looks nice, however, it makes the tea sweeter, and if prepared in advance, makes it thicker.

All ingredients are organic, sourced carefully. I like to shop online to safe time and get the ingredients I want. Check out “Alishan Organics” for your organic pantry and don’t forget to use our special 15% discount code (valid until March 2018) – Abisjournal15




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