best diy body scrub

When you can share some beauty tips with your daughter, she happens to invite her friends over for a home spa, diy sugar scrub party. With my stock of natural beauty carrier oils, organic essential oils and my sugar storage kept for baking moments, we whipped up some pretty sweet and efficient body scrub. Exfoliating for the little ladies is not so important since their skin is still so fresh and soft. Using gentle organic ingredients is necessary to protect them and to inspire them that in the future, they can 1. do this on their own and safe some money 2. they can choose natural beauty over chemically based ones. We also like to make sure that our bathroom shelfie does not contain animal cruelty products.

diy body scrub


All you need:


-organic almond oil

-organic essential oil (or freshly pressed lemon juice)

-a jar to mix and store your sugar scrub

It’s fun to let the kids chose the scent. We have Eucalyptus, Lemon, Grapefruit, Sage…

Take 50/50 of sugar and oil – a few drops of essential oil – mix it all – done!

Enjoy your home spa – foot scrub – pedicure – girls time!

diy body scrub

When the clouds clear up, we can wear our sandals again with nice nail varnish 8-)

diy body scrub



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