How To Get The Perfect Sleep

Long working hours, distractions, late dinners, drinks, kids, pets, thoughts and city vibes, light, noise…Despite all the distractions, it is not so hard to get the perfect sleep, when you had the perfect day.

How often do we reflect on the past or anticipate on the future while lying eyes wide open on white sheets? Living in the present is what we have to remember to practice. It’s so simple. Keeping a sense of calm throughout the day as well as getting stuff done will effect the quality of sleep.

There are a few things that you can do to sooth your mind to unwind into stillness for the perfect slumber. You might find them so satisfying that you will make them your ritual. What ever we practice often, becomes a habit.

Quality is not an act, it is a habit. Aristotle

When it comes to night time, I like rituals, even if I change them slightly now and then. The perfect place to get ready for bed for me is taking time in the bathroom.

Creating self-care rituals don’t only feel good, they also show on your skin and body. These include some of my latest finding in the natural beauty chapter (#myorganiccare). Like with anything, good quality has a price. Either way, you’ll pay for it. I choose high quality products from small companies I can trust. Tested and recommended.

Prepare for bed:

1.Get out of the day clothes, slip into a bathrobe, wash away the day with a delicious anis clay facial cleanser, and pamper yourself to a 10′ facial mask from Isas Restoratives.

2.Soak in the hot tub listening to a meditation. Check out the app “Inside Timer” for quiet tunes and guided versions of meditation if you are new to it, or too hyped up to do it on your own. My new obsession is the CLAYD bath to which I add a few drops of lavender essential oil.

3.Comfort being key, after detoxing there is no retoxing. A herbal tea comes in here and my newest set of organic cotton PJs (check the Japanese brand Skin Aware, using botanical dye)

4.Time for bed! Create the bed you like. For me I like soft pillows in any shape especially the ones from FossFlakes combining simplicity, beauty and comfort. My U pillow from FossFlake is a long U-shaped pillow that feels like a big soft hug all night long. It’s so comforting it naturally promotes good sleep. Plus its cruelty free not using feathers but a special technique of fibers that are suitable for allergy  and asthma sufferers too.

Good night, sleep tight!



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