From Farm to Table in Tokyo

Ever think about how we feed ourselves? We do it through food, through thoughts and through whatever we apply onto our skin…

I’m always on the look-out to finding places and products, introducing people who inspire. A prevailer of green city lifestyle, trying to inspire to conscious consumption, healthy happy living in Tokyo.

This is one of the reasons that I started hosting From Farm to Table dinner parties in Tokyo, as a non-profit event, to bring the farm to us urban citizens, meet the famers and the Chefs, hear their stories, support the local community, whilst tracing the products and minimizing the carbon footprint. A way to connect with like minded people around my farmers table and enjoy seasonal home made food.

We are what we eat.

Agro-industry has taken over the planet, minimizing the control we have on our diet, and impacting our health through pesticide and low nutrient and genetically modified seeds. If it’s wheat, corn or even salmon, we are exposed to ‘unnatural’ products that don’t bring us real benefit.

39% of the land is used by the agro-industry but only giving us 30% of the total consumption! 57% of the food consumed by the 7 billion people living on our planet comes from small farmers, some of them urban farmers. And most of the food in the world is grown by women.

From Farm to Table allows us to know where our food is coming from, support the local farmers and their community, reduce the carbon footprint, feed on nutritious products, and ultimately live a healthier life!

It’s about Human Culture & Life. The seeds that keep us alive.

Patagonia Provisions, a branch from the environmentally friendly outdoor brand Patagonia, has launched ready made food from sustainable sources. One of their mission is to inspire solutions to the environmental crisis, rethinking our food chain. Patagonia’s documentary “Unbroken Ground” (available on YouTube) shows why it is so important to switch to non-chemical traditional farming.

At my recent event, I was honored to have two Chefs cooking up dishes with seasonal ingredients from Kyushu, the South island of Japan, serving a bunch of friends around our farmers table. 

Shota Kawai, Chef, Manager, Hunter, started at 22 in Tokyo after being a patissier, worked at Monsoon Café serving 400 people a day, time at the iconic Gompachi restaurant in Tokyo (think Kill Bill), before changing the company to Acuts and founding Soholm Cafe, where the concept is “farm to table”. He spent 10 years visiting all the farms all over Japan, sourcing the best most sustainable ones for his restaurant and his products for vegetables fish and meat and even getting the hunting license himself.

Yutaro Kataoka, Chef, started work as a chef at the age of 15 in Tokyo, now he’s 26. He believes in using fresh seasonal and local produce when possible, exceeding the taste of each ingredient. Used to work at “Aux Amis” restaurant and joined Soholm Cafe in 2016. Concerned about Japanese future food problem, food loss, farmers&hunters problems, he changed from simply making food to making soulful food, respecting the source, and become the correspondent to the customers.

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  1. Abi – you are a girl after my own heart! We are so fortunate that we live in rural Tasmania – only 20 minutes from the coast, in a wonderful maritime climate, not dissimilar to Jersey and parts of Europe. Tasmania is a strong promoter of paddock to plate and has developed a number of amazing enterprises and tourist ventures to promote this ideal. Organic practice is rapidly expanding both in animal and arable farming (We live almost next door to an organic meat and grain producer, growing quinoa and spelt.) We mostly eat what we grow on our acreage and are never short of the good green stuff! Encourage your mum to come for a visit and then you can join her and check out our brilliant little island! Best wishes for your project!

    1. Dear Ann, I’d love to come see you abd discover your beautiful island! Thanks for your encouraging words also. It feels good to share good things and inspire. ❤️ from Tokyo Abi

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